STERK Eviction dordrecht is a fact

In Nieuwe Hoop's Dordrecht branch we now also have a moving desk. This means that it is even easier for us to realize an eviction in Dordrecht. Request an appointment through the store and we will often visit you within 2 days. If you're in a hurry, we can clear your house in Dordrecht within 48 hours.

Meanwhile, we have quite a few evictions in Dordrecht to our name and all to your satisfaction. With our professional, secure team, we work very hard to clear your home, care room, attic or shed/garage as quickly as possible.

ElderlyHome Clearance Dordrecht

Whether you live in a care home and are moving or you have lost a loved one. STERK will help you vacate your elderly home in a clean and tidy condition within the foreseeable future (and, more importantly, within the delivery requirements of the landlord). With respect for your possessions, we will make sure that the belongings from your care home are given a nice place in the thrift store.

Rental property clearance in Dordrecht

If you are moving out of your rental home in Dordrecht, chances are that you have items that you do not want to take with you. It may also be that these items are still good enough for the thrift store. STERK takes care of the clearance of rental property in Dordrecht within the foreseeable future. We will help you clear your rental property from A to Z. Of course, everything will be done for a decent price! Clearing a rental property in Dordrecht often comes with considerable demands. We are familiar with these and often know what needs to be done. In addition, you often have a clear list of things that need to be done. No job is too tough for STERK. With a flexible team and virtually all expertise in house, we help make your rental property clearance in Dordrecht one less worry.