Corporate Clearance

Business partner in evacuation

In Rotterdam region & Drechtsteden region, we are active as a clearance company. We work closely with various organizations to reduce the mountain of waste. This enables us to advise and support you where necessary in order to dispose of your belongings in the most efficient and environmentally friendly way possible. partners.

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Before we get to work for you, we'll give you an itemized, no-obligation custom quote. We work methodically and ensure quick delivery. After your approval, we will proceed to execute the assignment.

Who does STERK work for?

We work for Brokers, Notaries, Administrators, Advocates, Municipalities, Housing Organizations, Charitable Organizations and Healthcare Organizations, among others.

We go to great lengths to see if we can give the stuff a second life. We offer it to the thrift store with which we cooperate or at one of our recycling partners such as Renewi

Our business evacuation services

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Our business evacuation services

  • Responsible waste disposal:

    We dispose of the released debris and other waste to an environmentally friendly waste disposal company, so that where possible waste can be reused.

  • Usable goods

    Usable goods we will offer to our nonprofit partner New Hope Circle. We will donate these. This always in consultation with you.

  • Repairs

    Any property can be restored to its original condition by us, within an agreed time frame. We carry out large-scale renovations where necessary with experienced staff.

  • Professional employees

    Our staff includes professional movers, contractors, electricians, painters and landscapers.

  • Insured activities

    All work performed by us is covered by insurance. This eliminates risk and ensures quality.