Everything is neatly disposed of from glassware to carpeting, paneling, boards from the wall, old dirty hood, etc. Cleaning included, all in consultation. Clear quotation in advance.
Quick response to request, neat quote , friendly people and neatly cleared
Quick and good house emptied,! Also good broom clean.No complaints!
Very nicely done with friendly staff.
Within two days they were able to come to us. And really, within a few hours everything was gone, swept, holes closed and they had also fixed the kitchen cabinet. TOP SERVICE with very helpful people

Jannie Crane


Super good help. They were able to start quickly but also finished even faster and what a mess we had in the house. Highly recommended

Kees van Kooten

When my mother-in-law died, we had to empty the place within 2 days. We could never have managed this. My husband, as well as myself just work. STERK helped us very competently and quickly. And I then came across my mother's stuff again at the thrift store. Great!

Ank Damen


Due to circumstances, I had to move to a smaller apartment. As a result, I could no longer keep a whole bunch of stuff. But thrift stores could not take most things. STERK got rid of all the stuff for me and took what was still usable to a thrift store. I am very happy with this help and the price was not too bad.


Dirk Uitert


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