Frequently Asked Questions

At the moment we are not buying up household effects. We donate items that still have value to our partner thrift store New Hope. They are committed to helping people. You can read more on their website

Contents that no longer have value are separated as much as possible and then taken to our recycling partner. This makes recycling possible and will have less impact on the environment. Contents that do have value are sold for reuse at Nieuwe Hoop Kringloopwinkels.

Yes definitely, we deliver a space broom clean after the eviction, but if the delivery has more requirements, we can also thoroughly clean the space and make repairs.

We are called in for evictions by order of the landlord or, for example, the notary. We are also regularly called in by private individuals when a house needs to be cleared quickly, for example in the event of a death.

We clear for:

  • Individuals
  • Housing Associations
  • Municipalities
  • Companies
  • Real estate management companies
  • Healthcare institutions

Because of our personal approach and delivery of the desired quality, STERK has built up a large group of regular clients whom we regularly serve in the area of vacating household effects, homes, business premises, rooms in nursing homes, care centers, nursing homes, retirement homes and residential care.

Yes, we still clear in Corona time. We make sure first and foremost that you and our employees are safe. We do this in compliance with the measures imposed by the government.

Certainly, without us seeing the home and its contents, it is wet finger work for us. Therefore, it is necessary for us to visit the home to do an inventory. During the viewing there will be only 1 staff member present. In addition, we would like to kindly ask you to also come alone and keep one and a half meters distance.

As in normal circumstances, you do not have to be present during the evacuation. For the delivery we have several possibilities. In consultation, everything is possible.

In an eviction, a home or business is completely cleared out and cleaned, ready for the next owner or occupant. In fact, all you have to do after this is hand over the key to the next owner or housing association. You don't have to do anything yourself; we take care of the entire process.

The costs vary for each eviction. The costs are determined, among other things, by the scope of the clearance, the type of clearance (e.g. first floor or first floor house), and any takeover of usable furniture, the value of which can be offset against the costs of the clearance. You can request a free estimate so that, after we have viewed your home or business, you have an exact overview of the total costs.

To see an indication we have a blog written.

No. We make you an offer for the entire clearance. The amount we agree on is for a completely clean home or business premises.

We strive to complete an eviction in 1 or a maximum of 2 days. This is partly determined by the scope of the eviction. When we provide the quote, we will indicate how much time the eviction will take.

Yes, we can do minor repair work for you. Minor electrical maintenance, uneven walls, painting work etc....

Of course. Whether it's an entire house, a apartment clearance, an attic, file room, garage or shed. We can perform all forms of eviction for you.

We are very flexible and in almost all cases can take care of the eviction for you within a week at most.

We always work with a fixed price so you know exactly where you stand and do not face the unpleasant surprise of additional costs afterwards. Read more about the exact procedure of a house clearance here.

No, requesting a quote is free and without obligation. We will visit you free of charge by appointment without any obligation.

Payment is always in arrears by invoice. This can be transferred by bank. Do you have other wishes? That is always possible in consultation.

Do you have another question?

Do you have any questions about this? Do you doubt we can help you? Please call or email us at info[at], we are happy to help you.