What does an eviction cost?

What does a house clearance cost? This is a question we see come up often. If you want to have a house cleared, you obviously want to know in advance what the costs will be. The costs of different house clearance companies vary greatly. With us, customers sometimes even pay up to 50% less. Do you want to be sure that you pay a fair price for a good eviction? Then STERK is the right place for you.

The ratio of the basic factors determines the final price. In an average situation with a single-family home that is in good condition, you can count on a ratio of 30 percent fixed costs and 70 percent labor costs. If you want to save money, the best way to do this is, for example, to dispose of the mattresses and carpeting yourself for free or to start sorting out and cleaning up yourself. What gets kept and what gets thrown away. This can save you up to 40 percent of the total price. However, you must have the time and energy for this. Sometimes it is better to have someone take an objective look at things to see what still has value and what can go to the dump or recycle.

House clearance: cost 2022

Type of house clearanceAverage house clearance costs*
Clearing a senior room€250 to €500.
Housing with 1 to 2 rooms€250 to €750.
Single-family house€1,000 to €2,250.
Large house with more than 3 bedrooms€1,250 to €2,500.
Components of house clearance
Call-out feeALWAYS FREE
Landfill fees (depending on quantity).€295 to €525.
Cleaning fee€35 per hour
Remove floor covering (stretched)€3.50 per m²
Disposal mattress 1 person€37,-
Disposal mattress 2 person€50,-

* Notice: these are average costs. Want to know exact price? Then request a free quote.