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Moving checklist 2022

A move involves a lot of things. Often the overview is hard to find. STERK has created a checklist you can use as a reference or download (below) and print out so you can easily check it off while you're at it. You're welcome 😉

01. At the start of renting or buying your new home

  • Download or request construction drawings and floor plans
    Instantly see if the width-length and height dimensions are on the floor plan. So you can already draw the house in with your new or current furniture, for example.
  • Where is the meter box located?
    Then take an immediate look at what connections are there, what does the distribution board look like and what kind of Internet cable is coming in? Is there already a router or is it somewhere else?
  • Sockets
    List the outlets on your floor plan if they are not already there. That way you can determine if additional outlets need to be added and what equipment you can place there.
  • Check the connection to the gas grid
  • Determine where to put the refrigerator, freezer, oven, washer, dryer, etc.
  • Check the central heating system
    How old is the installation and is it already in need of replacement? Also take into account any (hybrid) heat pump mandatory
  • Measuring windows and doors
    Make sure you know what will fit through it, and what may not (i.e., what has to come apart) or go in via another route.
  • Cable, Phone Line or Fiber?
    Before you move into your home, it's nice to have this taken care of so you know how to use Internet, television and telephony. It is also helpful to check where in the house there are connections.
  • Get information about the VVe or housing association and its requirements.
    For example, can you keep pets or have your own home business? Which costs are shared and which are for yourself?
  • Who is the grid operator for gas, water and electricity.

2. Registering in the new municipality

  • Register with the new municipality
    This is often convenient to arrange right away.
  • Research what rates apply to municipal taxes, water board etc.
  • Inform yourself about the local municipality's waste policy
    Do you need to separate garbage? When will it be picked up?
  • Know where the municipal yard/dump is located
  • What fascilities are nearby.
    Consider schools, a shopping center, family doctor, dentist, pharmacy, sports club or daycare center. With a shortlist like this, you'll be able to get settled in your new place of residence and participate in social interaction quickly and easily.
  • Is there a parking opportunity?
    And whether you might need a parking permit to do so

3. Two to three months before the move

  • Get quotes from a moving company
    Do this in time to avoid companies that are already full.
  • Arrange for a moving elevator if needed
  • Cancel services at your address
    For example: internet, security cleaner, rent contract, newspaper, subscriptions and direct debits. But also your garage box, gym etc.
  • Apply for moving leave at work, or take a day off.
  • Make arrangements for flooring, curtains, furniture, etc.
  • Buy or borrow moving boxes
    Start packing in the attic and/or storage room ahead of time.
  • Sell stuff you don't take with you
    Marketplace is a drama but you can sell well through facebook marketplace these days. In addition, you can always turn stuff in at the thrift store
  • Compare internet, television and telephony
    A new subscription is often very interesting. Good offers can often be found.
  • Who should you remember to give a relocation notice to?

4. About a month before the move

  • Report children to their new school or daycare center
  • Get contents and home insurance from your insurance company
  • Cancel gas, water and light from your current supplier.
  • Rent a van or moving truck if you are moving yourself
  • Arrange any babysitting for your children for moving day
  • Rent extra storage space if you need it
  • Be sure to empty your freezer ahead of time so you can take it with you more easily.
  • Collect all (spare) keys to the current home
  • Ask some friends or relatives to help you move or do the chores
  • Plan a housewarming party.
    In the Netherlands we are not really into housewarming but it is becoming more and more common. It's a great time to get to know your neighbors, see your friends again AND possibly get presents for your new home 😉
  • Arrange blankets for heavy valuables
    We regularly see that this is not thought of. Still, large valuables sometimes get damaged during transport.
  • Submit your change of address to PostNL and possibly Sandd

5. One week before the move

  • Get groceries for during the move
  • Clean up the new house and start cleaning
  • Give each room in your new home a number
    Hang the number by the doors and write the same number each time on the boxes designated for that room. You can also use color codes work
  • Make sure the dumpster is empty
    Then on moving day you can more easily throw some away if needed.
  • Dismantle lamps and curtains in advance
  • Start taking apart and packing furniture
  • Provide plenty of trash bags
    Trust us...the amount of mess left over or to be thrown away during a move is always severely underestimated!

6. One day before the move

  • Empty and clean the refrigerator
    Let the refrigerator and freezer recover to the new address for a while, and only then turn them on. The manual will tell you how long this should take.
  • Reserve a good parking spot for the moving van in advance
    You could possibly use two or 3 outside chairs to cordon off the parking spaces or of course with a ribbon in between or something.
  • Close all furniture with doors and drawers
    This prevents them from being damaged during transport.
  • Secure the washer and dryer drum protector
  • Get some more empty boxes ready to take your last items left behind.
  • Talk to the people who are coming to help you to make a good division of labor
  • Lastly; go to bed on time!
    Tomorrow will be an intense day!

7. On moving day

  • Pack the last of the curtains and lamps
  • Make sure everyone knows what to do and start moving
  • Take the latest meter readings
    Write them down in your phone, for example, or take a (sharp) picture.
  • Make lunch in advance for all attendees
  • Clean the house for the new occupant
  • Close all windows and doors
  • Check the house for items left behind
    That's what yesterday's boxes were good for
  • Check that you have turned off all lights and heating
  • Give the house keys to the new owner, real estate agent or landlord

8. The day after the move

  • Submit the change of address to the new municipality
    Do this within a maximum of 5 days of the move.
  • Report any moving damage to the moving company

Download this Strong Moving Checklist 2022 as a PDF?

And would you like to download the moving checklist as a PDF? That's easier printing. That way you always have a to-do list for moving at hand. You'll know exactly what to do and what to arrange, both well before the move and as it approaches.


  1. Thanks for sharing this moving checklist! Good to know what I can take care of a week before the move. Anyway, I'm going to make sure I have most of the groceries in the house so everyone can have something to eat in between moves.

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