Severely polluted home eviction

A seriously soiled home is a frequent occurrence. Because of our field, we often experience people struggling and becoming increasingly difficult in life. Because of all the cutbacks in healthcare, people with mental health issues often do not receive the care needed to keep their lives in balance. This frequently results in a severely soiled and/or collectively crowded home. Often it is the GGD, the housing corporation or care facility that report homes to us in these types of situations.

STERK evictions will visit the home without obligation to discuss and advise. Then we can discuss the nature and size of the cleaning needed.

STERK Evictions evicts in consultation with resident or advocates
Clearing and disposal and cleaning is done as with the resident's permission. We discuss in advance which items should be kept and which can be removed. Here we can also take on a coaching role if desired. It is also important that the resident can handle this cleaning emotionally. There is more to it than just emptying the house without regard for the person who collected these things.

Above all, we want to relieve you as a customer of this. Whether you are a corporation or a private individual. We are here to relieve you.

We can also take care of the consultation with the landlord or real estate agent if necessary. This saves a lot of stress, you are not in the middle. We have a lot of experience with delivery requirements and can therefore deliver things faster in communication.

STERK Evictions ensures that the severely contaminated home becomes livable again.

STERK Evictions contributes to circular economy
Quick Clearance does not believe in dirty or discarded products. These are the start of something new. We give household effects a second life if possible. We do this by donating the items to Nieuwe Hoop Kringloopwinkels. In this way we indirectly support people living in poverty in the Netherlands.

Is the eviction in a hurry? No worries, we also do emergency evictions.

In the case of a severely contaminated home, STERK helps make the space empty or livable again. Call us at 085 130 06 85 Or fill out the quotation form in. You will be notified by us soon.