senior relocation

STRONG additional service: Senior relocation

STERK has only been in existence since 2020 but has extensive experience in the field of evictions. By bringing the knowledge of Kringloopwinkel Nieuwe Hoop with it, STERK has a big head start on other movers and eviction specialists. Moreover, STERK does not work with a bunch of ragamuffins but with a group of people who enjoy helping people.

Moving from a home to a care room or senior living facility is often a stressful affair. After all, most people don't move very often. STERK does do this and by now knows all the pitfalls and problems you can run into with an eviction or move. In addition, moving is often a delicate matter for seniors.

STERK Evictions handles small-scale removals and evictions for people who are moving into smaller quarters such as assisted living or nursing homes.

STERK is happy to help move your father, mother, grandfather or grandmother. We do this by making the senior removal as stress-free as possible. Making a senior removal run smoothly and without problems requires extra attention from us as movers. After all, moving is stressful enough for seniors. At STERK we give you that extra attention.

"With a quieter approach, more care for you and your contents and additional services (such as dementia relocation or temporary storage) we arrange a hassle-free move." Says Joshua of STERK Evictions.

In addition, if desired, we can also mirror the new care room / bedroom to the old (living) room. This is highly recommended for people with dementia, for example.

Are you looking for a specialist in moving senior housing? Then STERK is the right place for you. We relieve you of all your worries. Click here for more information.