House clearance during relocation

5 Tips for your house clearance

At a house clearance there is a lot involved. It is often a big job and often the overview is lost. Here are 5 tips to make a house clearance go smoothly.

01. Provide a coordinator
Designate someone within your family or circle of friends to coordinate the eviction. This will prevent things from being left behind or duplicated, ensure a streamlined plan of action and avoid frustration and/or discussions while you get started.

02. Planning your eviction
Take the time to plan ahead of time. For example, it is helpful to plan about half a day for each room in the house to sort and pack everything. This may seem like a lot, but you will often find that in certain rooms, items come up that need to be decided upon.

03. Use a sticker system
YESSS! Stickers. To be honest, this often does work most satisfactorily. Namely, it's time to decide which items you want to keep, sell and donate. To do this, use 3 different colors of stickers, for example

  • Green = Keep
  • Orange = Sell/donate
  • Red = Discard

04. Go through the records carefully
We often hear that people still have subscriptions that have been forgotten. This can get pretty expensive. So make sure you collect all the paperwork and go through it at your leisure. This way you can settle all pending matters at the address in an orderly fashion.

05. Let a professional declutter your home
What you often don't want is all the lugging around of your furniture, boxes and other belongings. It can be a big job to deliver your house completely clean, perhaps the housing association or new owner of the house has requirements for the delivery. STERK takes all these worries out of your hands, and because you have already made the necessary preparations, it becomes a lot easier for us and often saves a lot of money! A house clearance often doesn't have to cost top dollar.