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Hoe werkt een woning ontruimen?

Een woningontruiming kan een hele klus zijn. STERK heeft ruime ervaring in het ontruimen van woningen. Wij hebben hieronder uiteengezet hoe wij te werk gaan. Vaak kunnen wij een ontruiming al binnen 48 uur realiseren.


Appointment and inventory

At the first appointment, we will take stock of your requirements and wishes and review the amount of work involved in clearing the home.


Send & sign quotation

We will provide a competitive quote. When you agree to our no-obligation quote, we can get to work.


Sorting of estate

Our team starts by sorting out your belongings: which part should be disposed of at the environmental park (in an environmentally friendly way, of course) and which part is suitable for sale and for charity. Storage is not forgotten either.


Removal of materials

Furthermore, the home is stripped of all conceivable furnishings, such as carpeting, kitchen tarp, laminate, wood or plastic paneling, curtains, blinds, etc.



Lastly, your home is restored to its original condition (if necessary). Finally, the house is delivered completely broom clean with a soft broom.


Final inspection

As an extra service, we will take meter readings (if desired) and make an appointment with the housing foundation for the final inspection. Our employee will personally attend the inspection and send you the final report.