Cheap house clearance

Cheap clearance

With so many providers, it is often difficult to separate the professionals from the hustlers, sole traders and scammers. All too often we hear stories of people who wanted to clear their house cheaply, but ended up paying much more because of snags. With STERK, you receive a quote in advance and no extra costs afterwards.

Cheap clearing can be done!

At STERK evictions, you get a competitive price for an eviction you no longer have to worry about. STERK takes away all the worries and clears your home as it should be. No extra or hidden costs afterwards.

Cheaply having a property cleared by a professional team is always the best choice. Therefore, do not be tempted by empty promises and prices that are too good to be true. STERK stands for transparent prices and 100% satisfaction.

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Employee of STERK Evacuations

A quote within 24 hours

We will contact you the same day to schedule an appointment. You will receive a quote within 24 hours.

The Clearance

Upon agreement, we will vacate at the agreed time. We often do this with a team of 4 so can often have everything arranged within a day.

The Completion

At 100% satisfaction, we deliver the property. No stress. We take care of everything!

Service after estate clearance: taking over unused furniture

Is there furniture you no longer use or do not wish to take over? After an estate clearance, we can take items that have not been removed but are still usable. These items are inspected and then sold through New Hope thrift stores. This reuses old items and helps others with your old furniture and contents. Thus, your estate clearance will contribute to a better environment and to a good cause!

Where does STERK Evacuate?

  • House clearance Dordrecht Sterrenburg
  • House clearance Heerjansdam
  • House clearance Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht
  • House clearance Papendrecht
  • House clearance Kinderdijk
  • House clearance Molenaarsgraaf
  • House clearance New Lekkerland
  • House clearance Oud-Alblas
  • House clearance Ridderkerk
  • House clearance Rijsoord
  • House clearance Rotterdam Beverwaard
  • House clearance Rotterdam Charlois
  • House clearance Rotterdam Delfshaven
  • House clearance Rotterdam Feyenoord
  • House clearance Rotterdam IJsselmonde
  • House clearance Rotterdam Kralingen
  • House clearance Rotterdam Lombardijen
  • House clearance Zwijndrecht